Joint Base Balad, Iraq

Formerly one of the largest U.S. bases located in Iraq, Joint Base Balad (JBB) was transferred to the Iraq government at the end of 2011.  Before the transfer, Joint Base Balad was comprised of the 310th Sustainment Command (Army) and the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing (Air Force).

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Joint Base Balad

In the middle of 2008, the dual base became jointed which resulted in the Air Force assuming overall command of the base. During its functioning years, JBB served as the primary hub for military logistics in Iraq. The Royal Air Force often used JBB as an operational hub for strategic missions in the region.

Before being acquired by the U.S., JBB was an Iraqi airfield called al-Bakr (named after Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, Iraq’s president from 1968-1979).  Over time, the airfield grew and its importance to the Iraqi Air Force became renowned.

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