Five soldiers from Linton Military Camp have been kicked out of the army after taking N-Bomb, a psychedelic drug.

The soldiers were part of a group of eight who were taken into custody over Labour Weekend in Palmerston North after they were found acting strangely in the city centre and it was suspected they were on drugs. Of the three remaining soldiers involved in the Labour Weekend incident, two have elected to be tried by court martial and one has been referred for court martial.ucmjmilitaryattorneys_4244

Linton Military Camp commander Brigade Colonel Hugh McAslan said the behaviour was “disappointing”. He said drug use “erodes trust”, and trust was crucial in their line of work.

“We’re being very vigilant around this. It’s an issue we’re going to deal with, and we will deal with it.” He said they expected their employees to hold themselves to a high standard, which he thought was what the country expected of them as well.

Any case of behaviour that was incompatible with their values and ethos was “disappointing”.

The New Zealand Defence Force’s chief of army Major General Peter Kelly said he would do “everything he can” to ensure the New Zealand Army was free of illegal drugs.




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