The ex-wife of a man charged with a triple murder is breaking her silence. In her first ever interview, the first wife of the former Army Major and Pilot Christian Kit Martin has a lot to say about her ex-husband.

Stacey Stone had three children with Army Major Christian Martin. She has known him for 30 years. Arguably nobody knows him better.

Here’s her take on the man accused of a fiendish triple murder.

Stacey Stone and Chris Martin got married young. There divorce, like nearly all divorces, was an unhappy one nevertheless.

Stacey would bet her life Chris Kit Martin is not a killer. She thinks it’s just not in his DNA.

“He was always black was black and white was white and there was no gray area with him,” Stone said. “It was either right or it was wrong. He was dedicated, loyal, faithful, he cared about his country and his family and those were the top things in his life. He just took care of people.”

In November of 2015, three people were murdered in Pembroke, Kentucky: Calvin Phillips, his wife, Pam Phillips and a neighbor Ed Dansereau. Calvin was found shot in his home, and his wife and neighbor found burned up in a car a few miles away. No one was arrested.

Meanwhile, Martin was being court marshalled after his estranged wife Joan Harmon Guerra accused him of sexually abusing her children. The sex abuse charges were dismissed.

Martin was found guilty of two simple assaults and two counts of mishandling classified documents – misdemeanors that cost him his retirement.

An Eagle Scout, a decorated Apache Helicopter Pilot, a trusted pilot with American Airlines – It was a seemingly golden life until he married Joan Harmon Guerra.

If you can even call it a marriage, Guerra pleaded guilty to felony bigamy during all this upheaval, but even that did not change anything,

“We’ve got this man whose got a spotless record, never even a speeding ticket, and we’ve got this woman who is a convicted bigamist who did nothing but lie, to not just Chris, she took military benefits for eight years as a bigamist, but nothing was done about that. I don’t understand,” said Stone.

Things got even trickier. Nearly four years later without any new evidence revealed, authorities arrested Christian Martin for the murders. The motive? Never offered, but the guess is prosecutors believe murder victim Calvin Phillips was going to testify against Kit Martin at his court martial, and that Philips’ wife and the neighbor were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But that motive has been challenged. A private investigator working for Martin says he interviewed Calvin Phillips just two weeks before his murder, and he says Phillips was going to testify against Joan Harmon Guerra. And that Joan Harmon Guerra is the one who would benefit most by his silence. Here’s an excerpt of a letter:

“Phillips was murdered to prevent his testimony, his testimony would have exposed Joan Harmon-Guerra’s fabrications and would have invalidated her deferment on a recent felony conviction, sending her straight to prison. His testimony had the potential to invalidate all charges Major Martin is facing at court-martial resulting in an acquittal. “ – Private eye and retired homicide detective Michael Conzachi.

Of course Stacey Stone doesn’t know who killed those three-unfortunate people. She says she just knows who didn’t – Chris Martin.

“He’s just not capable of that and the really sad thing is somewhere out there is a murderer. They are out there running free while this innocent man is locked up for no good reason,” said Stone.

What is the evidence strong enough to hold Chris Martin for murder, or is there anything substantial at all? We are hoping to find out at his next hearing on April 15th.

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