A Navy chief is facing court-martial over allegations that her ship security team deployed without magazines for their firearms.

Chief Master at Arms Nicolasa R. Simmons, of the San Diego-based Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, is also charged with obstruction of justice for impeding a probe into the September 2018 incident by telling her watchstanders “not to report that the unit was not equipped with M4 and M9 magazines” while underway on board the fast transport Carson City, according to charge sheets obtained by Navy Times.

Military prosecutors also accuse Simmons, 37, of impeding an investigation when she instructed watchstanders not to report that a foreign vessel had entered the “reaction zone” of the Carson City near Alexandria, Egypt, that month.

Simmons also allegedly told an unnamed petty officer second class “to delete video footage recorded during the Embarked Security Team Mission” for Carson City that month, according to the court filings.

Embarked Security Teams provide security for ships but are not permanently assigned to the vessels.

The allegations against Simmons stemmed from a preliminary command investigation, according to Navy Expeditionary Combat Command spokeswoman Lt. Cmdr. Amber Lewis.

Lewis confirmed that the team’s sailors “were underway without magazines” but declined to discuss details about the mission or the vessel that entered Carson City’s reaction zone, citing operations security.

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