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Charleston Coast Guard Sexual Assault Court Martial

by Andrew Knapp
December 2, 2013

coast guard court martial lawyers

Seven military officers were picked Monday to hear evidence in the court martial of a Charleston-based Coast Guardsman facing sexual assault charges.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Omar Gomez, 35, is charged with five violations of military law in connection with alleged assaults or harassment of two civilian women and six members of the Coast Guard.

His court martial, which could last up to two weeks at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in North Charleston, is similar to a civilian trial.

Potential jurors, though, were chosen from the ranks of Coast Guard officers based at Sector Charleston.

Fielding questions from military defense and prosecuting attorneys, they were asked about their impressions of sex assault as a problem for the military. Many of them agreed that it is.

The issue has garnered headlines this year as information has surfaced about its prevalency in the military and the lack of extensive follow-up investigation in some cases…….

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