HOPKINSVILLE, KY (WSMV) – A Christian County judge set bond at $3 million because he considers Christian (Kit) Martin, charged with triple homicide in the deaths of his former neighbors, a flight risk.

Circuit Court Judge John Atkins issued the order on Wednesday during a court appearance.

Atkins said he was a flight risk because he is a pilot and has used aliases in the past on social media. The judge said his attempts to conceal his identity on social media was “disturbing.”

“He has the talent and ability to flee the jurisdiction,” Atkins said.

Martin is accused of murdering Calvin Phillips, his wife Pam and their next-door neighbor Ed Dansereau in November 2015. Calvin Phillips’ body was found at his home in Pembroke, KY, near where Martin lived. The bodies of Pam Phillips and Dansereau were discovered in a burning car in a nearby cornfield.

Martin’s attorney was seeking a bond of $500,000.

Martin was arrested in May when he was pulled off the jet he was set to pilot for an American Airlines subsidiary at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.

News4 Investigates found how Cal Phillips discovered evidence that ultimately lead to Martin’s court martial.

The indictment reads Martin broke into the Phillips’ home at 443 S. Main St. and shot and killed the Phillips and Dansereau.

The state in conducting DNA tests of hair strands that were found in the car of one of the three people murdered.

Court records filed in September show that hair strands were discovered in Dansereau’s car that prosecutors want the Kentucky State Forensic Lab to test for DNA.

Despite the evidence that led to Martin’s arrest, his family told News4 Investigates that they believe he is innocent.

“It’s just really hard to see somebody you care about in prison for something he didn’t do,” said McKenzie Bennett, Martin’s daughter.

Tom Griffiths, Martin’s attorney, said he will have one of his experts on hand when the hairs are tested, and has seen the prosecution’s evidence.

“The evidence in this case is as flimsy as I have ever seen,” Griffiths said.

Prosecutors did not comment after the hearing.

The families of Cal and Pam Phillips as well as the girlfriend of Ed Dansereau said they could not comment.

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