militarydefenseattorneys_4325An Air Force Academy cadet charged with rape and kidnapping now faces additional counts for violating a court order not to contact the alleged victim. Daniel Ryerson, contacted the woman he is accused of raping, which has prompted additional charges of felony violation of the terms of Ryerson’s bail bond, and criminal violation of a court protection order. A preliminary hearing for the new charges is set for Aug. 6, and will be tried separately from the original charges.

The original charges are sexual assault and second-degree kidnapping from Nov. 1, when Ryerson and the alleged victim checked into a hotel in Boulder and then attended a number of house parties, court records show. The woman told law enforcement officers she woke up the next morning in the hotel room and believed she had been drugged and raped. Witnesses at the parties said Ryerson was accompanying the woman when she was heavily intoxicated or unconscious.

Ryerson denied raping the woman, but a DNA exam linked him to the crime. A trial for the sexual assault and kidnapping charges is set for October. Ryerson is still enrolled at the Air Force Academy, but directed all questions to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office. When asked if the academy would take action against Ryerson if he is convicted in the civilian court, Warthen said he would not comment on “hypotheticals,” but stressed that Ryerson is considered innocent until proven guilty.

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